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The formation by "the Church", of the dogma of the Trinity was not completed until the Council of Nicea, in Turkey in AD 325, devised the Nicean Creed, which endeavoured to marry together both the Pagan and Christian concepts of God and gods. The Nicean Creed replaced the original Apostles Creed which was a simple and truthful document.


Many people from different nations have worshipped a multiplicity of gods. Many of those gods consisted of a trinity, whereas the Father told Moses to instruct the Children of Israel. "HEAR O ISRAEL; THE LORD (Jehovah) OUR GOD (Elohim) IS ONE LORD (Jehovah)" (Deut 6:4). Jesus selected this instruction as "/the first of all the commandments (Mk 12:29)

The word "trinity" is nowhere to be found in the Bible and cannot befound in any Christian literature written before the end of the 2nd. century. The Bible does not present the Father as three but ONE and positively presents Jesus as the SON OF GOD at least 91 times, but "god the Son", NOT ONCE. At His baptism, God referred to Jesus as His beloved Son, which of course He could not have been if He had been God, very God. Paul writing to Timothy speaks plainly of "One God and one mediator between God and men...THE MAN CHRIST JESUS.(1 Tim 2:5). Obviously Jesus could not be a mediator IF indeed He was the God with whom He was supposed to mediate.


The Bible presents the HOLY SPIRIT as the power of the Father, by which He works and acts in human affairs....CERTAINLY NOT A PERSON. The "promise" of the Holy Spirit to the disciples, which Luke spoke of, he described as being "endued with power from on high". (Luke 24:49). The angel Gabriel speaking to Mary, speaks of the Holy Spirit coming upon her, which he clearly says is the "power of the highest." (Luke 1:35)


The dogma of the Trinity is an invention of mankind and the ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA once wrote on the subject..."The propositions constituent of the Trinity were not drawn directly from the New Testament and could not be expressed in New Testament terms....they WERE PRODUCTS OF REASON, SPECULATING on a revelation to faith...they were only formed THROUGH CENTURIES OF EFFORT, only elaborated by the aid of conceptions formulated in the terms of GREEK AND ROMAN METAPHYSICS."


As the Church at Rome truly "invented" the Trinity, then it is fitting to read what their Catechisms say on the subject and the Catholic Catechism for Australian Schools of 1st Sept. 1963, book 2, on page 63 has this to say. 'GOD HAD NOT TOLD HIS PEOPLE THE MYSTERY OF THE BLESSED TRINITY, NOR HAD HE SAID CLEARLY THAT THE MESSIAH WOULD BE GOD HIMSELF." Thus we read with startling clarity the amazing revelation that the Roman Catholic Church agrees with the Encyclopedia Britannica...the whole dogma of the Trinity is NOT IN THE BIBLE... it was composed by human thinking and reasoning, and as such is NOT BIBLICAL and is NOT A DOCTRINE NECESSARY FOR SALVATION as the Church so blatantly insists.


In the same Catechism, on page 65 we read..."BECAUSE HE ( Jesus) IS ALL HOLY, HE COULD NOT POSSIBLY SIN.......WHEN THE SON BECAME MAN HE DID NOT CEASE TO BE GOD". To claim that Jesus COULD NOT POSSIBLY SIN, removes him from the realms of human weakness and frailty and presents Him as GOD, as the Creeds seek to do. However, in Rev 3:21, we are told conclusively...."To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame and am set down with my Father in His throne." It is obvious that, as Jesus used the word OVERCAME, He was beset by the same trials and temptations which every man and woman experience and He could have sinned had He not OVERCOME sin...that is ..He resisted all sin and temptations. To add to this, we turn to Luke 22:28, where we read of Jesus saying to the Disciples..."YE ARE THEY WHICH HAVE CONTINUED WITH ME IN MY TEMPTATIONS". Jesus could have sinned, BUT DID NOT. James, the brother of our Lord states categorically ..."GOD CANNOT BE TEMPTED" (James 1:13) This proves JESUS WAS NOT AND IS NOT GOD. We can be sure therefore, that the dogma of the Trinity is false, as are the claims of the latter Creeds.


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