Frequently Ask Questions

1. Do you all believe in Jesus? Yes, except we know Him by His Hebrew name, Yeshua, which was the name He heard while He walked on earth. To us, He is the Messiah of Israel and Savior of the world.

2. Are you Christians or Jews? Both, with qualifications. We are Jews and non-Jews who follow and love Yeshua, but our faith is built on the foundation of the Hebrew holy Scriptures, not historical church traditions or Jewish rabbinical determinations.

3. Do you accept the Scriptures as inspired of G-d, including the New Testament? Yes.

4. Why do you put a dash (-) in the name of Deity? As a sign of respect. For our purpose, it is to show that the use of these words are a substitution for the Hebrew Holy Name, the One true One, and that we are not speaking of an idol which uses the name "god."

5. Do you believe that G-d works the same today as in Bible times? Yes. He works whatever He wills unhindered by time or space. If the Most High did it or promised it in the Bible, then it can happen today and at any time.

6. Do you believe in being "born again?" Yes. Because of the sinful spiritual nature in all people that accompanies physical birth, a new creation of the human spirit is needed to fully relate to our holy G-d. The act of new creation of our spirit by G-d in us is in effect being "born over again." Yeshua our Messiah offers this to all who trust Him.

7. Do you believe the Law of Moses is valid today?  Yes, as a standard for righteousness. All Holy Scripture remains valid for practice if the circumstances remain available. For instance, Temple laws cannot be performed without a Temple in place. However, the principles and shadows found in these remain useful. The Law is for protection, not perfection.

8. Do you believe we should all keep the Seventh Day Sabbath? Yes. We proclaim that from the time of creation the L-RD set aside sundown Friday to sundown Saturday as a gift of physical rest to us. We should accept the holy gift gladly.

9. Do you believe we should all eat only kosher? Yes, and no with exceptions according to what written in Acts 15:19 it seems that we don't have to eat Kosher. However we think it may please G-d if we follow the Torah food restrictions as closely as possible especially during the three required feasts.

10. Do you believe in the Holy Spirit? Yes. In Hebrew He is Ruach HaKodesh. G-d is spirit, which is breath in Hebrew. Breath is life. G-d is life. The Holy Spirit is G-d continuing daily to perform the miracles of bestowing holy life upon the hearts of receptive people.

11. Do you believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, like healing? Yes. With G-d, nothing is impossible, ever.

12. Do you keep all the Feasts of Israel? Yes, we celebrate the 3 required holy feasts Passover, Pentetcost and Sukkot as a "memorial throughout your generations forever." But of course, without the practice of Temple commandments.

13. Do you keep the Christian holidays, like Christmas and Easter? No. We only celebrate Scripturally commanded holy days. Neither Christmas nor Easter are the actual days for the events they propose to celebrate. Rather, we celebrate the actual days of the birth and resurrection of Yeshua, which were already scheduled in the Feasts of Israel.

14. Are you Israel? Yes, we are a part of ultimate Israel. We belong to Israel with all those who keep covenant according to the instruction of the G-d of Israel.



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