Greetings from the Gallaher Family!

We begin to have disallusions with the established "church" several years ago and begin to look at different churches and systems of worship. That's when we discovered the Messianic Jewish way of worship.

It was in 2004 we were living in Houston Texas and going to a Methodist church when Yehweh reavealed to me/us that we need to find another way to worship as it semed that the Methodist and indeed the entire Protestant movement had drifted to far away from the Jewish roots of their faith. After all our saviour is Jewish.

We found a small Messianic congregation headed by a Messianic Jewish leader (not a rabbi) whose membership was only about 15 to 20 members called Beth HaShem. It seems like a lot of Messianic Congregations are small like this. At first the worship service seemed strange to us as were were completely unfamiliar with the order of worship and the Messianic Jewish worship music. But we realized this was what we were looking for.The order of service is somewhat like the Jewish people follow in the Synagogue on the Sabbath, except instead of one person reading the Torah and B'ritHadash the Leader split or divided the reading amongst all the congregants. As for as the music was concerned, the congregeants were free to dance or sing praises to the L-ord much as King David must have done!

Now we find ourselves in Dumaguete City Negros Oriental Philippines with no Messianic Jewish temple or congregation to worship with. The only alternative is the Seventh Day Adventist but it's not the same type of worship, much like the other protestant denomiations. What to do, what to do? What we are doing is holding our own worship service in our home.

Schedule of services:

Shabbat morning worship service 11:00 AM more or less. We are sort of laid back.

After service is concluded there is a fellowship snack or meal served.

Kenneth Gallaher

P.O. Box 172 Dumaguete City 6200 Negros Oriental Philippines

Phone 09266688266